Welcome to the web pages of the Croatian Meteor Network (CMN). The network was put into opperation in the first half of 2007. At the moment, it consists of 30 surveilance cameras each having a field of view of 64x48 deg. The cameras monitor most of the night sky over Croatia. Cameras are paired, allowing for triangulation of recorderd meteors and ther orbit determination. The network is coordinated by a small scientific team: Damir Šegon, Korado Korlević and Željko Andreić.

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CMN is well and alive thanks to many volunteers and institutions that support CMN in one or the other way. We express our gratitute to them all, and especially to Astronomical Society "Istra" - Pula, Astronomical Society Visnjan, Croatian Academic Research Network (CARNet), Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering and Faculty of Electrotechnics and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatian Electrical Company (HEP), Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia (iProject: 2008-086 Croatian meteor network - second phase, s.y. 2008/2009), Astronomical Observatory Visnjan and Scientific Educational Center Visnjan.

Special thaks go to Peter Gural for software package arround Maximum Temporal Pixel (MTP) Meteor Detector algorithm he developped for CMN, to Filip Lolic for camera modifications, Igor Terlevic for software development and Korado Korlevic for great job on organizing the Croatian Meteor Network.